How Are Property Repairs Handled?


If you’re thinking about getting into the rental business, you might be wondering, “How are property repairs handled?” The answer to this depends on whether or not you choose to hire a property manager. Furthermore, the answer will vary depending on the property manager you hire. Regardless of the route you take, know that it’s…

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How Can I Manage Property from Out of State or Country?


The question of how to manage property from out of state or country is a common issue for landlords. Many landlords decide to buy property located far away from their own residence because of favorable property values and rental markets in other areas. Other landlords do purchase rental properties near them, but later decide to…

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Is Hiring a Property Manager Worth It?


Is a property manager worth it? It’s a common question that landlords ask, particularly new landlords and those who are feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. The short answer is that yes, hiring a property manager is definitely worth it. You will need to pay the manager a percentage of the rent, but the overall savings…

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How Do I Determine What to Charge for Rent on My Property?

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The answer to the question, “How can I know what to charge for rent on my property?” isn’t straightforward. There are many variables to consider. It’s unlikely you’ll charge the same amount from one property to the next. Similarly, you’ll probably charge differing amounts of rent from one apartment to the next—even if they are…

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Why Do Property Managers Need to Be Licensed?

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Are you thinking about hiring a property manager? If so, you may find yourself wondering, “Why do property managers need to be licensed?” It’s always in a landlord’s best interests to ensure that the property manager they hire is well-qualified for the job. One of the issues to consider is whether the manager has a…

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What Should I Look for in a Property Manager?

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So, you’ve decided to hire a property manager to make your life easier—you’ll soon be enjoying less stress and more free time! Outsourcing your daily tasks can even make your business more profitable. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy passive income, which is usually the goal for most individuals who enter the rental property business.…

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What Does a Property Manager Cost?

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Landlords who are wondering “What does a property manager cost?” are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed with the day-to-day details of their businesses. If you’re like many landlords, you first entered the rental property business with a DIY mindset. As a result, you figured you’d save a lot of money by handling the inspections, marketing,…

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How Do You Manage a Property?

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Many people decide to get into the rental property business because they have heard it’s a good way to generate passive income. After all, all you’ll have to do is collect the rent checks every month, right? Unfortunately, the question of, “How do you manage a property?” involves quite a bit more than rent collection.…

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How Long Do Evictions Take?

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If you’re asking, “How long do evictions take?” you probably have a non-paying tenant or you’re proactively thinking about what might happen if your tenants fail to pay the rent in the future. In Arizona, the eviction process is governed by the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. It establishes all of the procedures that…

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What All Is Involved in Property Management?

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Property management is a comprehensive service designed to provide everything landlords need to run a successful rental property business while enjoying a hands-off approach. In other words, a property manager will do everything that a landlord would ordinarily do. However, the property manager also passes along the bulk of the profits to the landlord. There…

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