Legal Guidance

Do you own a rental home? If so, then you’re probably eager to avoid any unwanted legal issues. Unfortunately, most property owners aren’t experts on housing and insurance laws, so they don’t know how to stay compliant. At New Concept Property Management, we understand those laws and regulations. Our Tucson property management team can provide you with the sound legal guidance you need to stay inside the law at all times. Call us today to learn more!

Common Legal Issues for Property Owners

As a landlord, there are numerous legal issues that can potentially affect you. You must choose your tenants fairly, without discriminating. If you have potential clients who have disabilities, then you need to ensure that your property is made safe for them. Security deposits from tenants must be handled properly, in accordance with the law. If your property needs repairs, then the repairs need to be performed by qualified professionals who are licensed and insured. If you have access to personal information about your tenants, then you must keep it confidential. So, how can you make sure that you’re doing the right thing in all situations? A professional property management company can give you the advice and guidance you need.

How Our Legal Guidance Can Help You

Are you concerned about keeping your Tucson rental homes compliant with the law? If you want to ensure that you don’t run into any legal issues, then our legal guidance can help. We’re experts on all the relevant regulations for rental homes, so we can ensure that you stay compliant.

For example, we’ll ensure that you are following all housing ordinances that apply to your rental home. If your home has a homeowners’ association, then we can also make sure that you are obeying all of their rules. We’ll even make sure you have the right insurance plan so you can avoid possible risks. In short, our team can help to protect you from any potential legal problems that you might run into as a landlord.

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