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Working with New Concept Property Management

When you work with New Concept Property Management, you'll gain access to our comprehensive range of property management services:

Property Marketing

Ready to put your rental home on the market? New Concept has the tools to attract the best potential tenants. We'll use our marketing expertise to ensure your rental property can be found by Tucson residents who are ready to sign a lease.

Tenant Screening

A bad tenant can leave you with property damage and the need to make costly repairs. Don't let unreliable tenants affect your profit margins. Let New Concept screen your tenants and make sure they'll be an ideal fit for your rental home.


Taking care of repair needs quickly is essential for keeping your rental property in good shape and your tenants happy. New Concept is proud to work with a network of local contractors who are always ready to provide prompt repairs.

Rent Collection

New Concept provides a Tenants Portal that makes it easy for your tenants to pay rent on time every month. If a tenant is late with payment, we'll take the steps necessary to ensure you receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Property Inspections

We can manage property inspections, both during and between lease periods. New Concept will take the time to ensure that your property remains safe for tenants and well-maintained, ensuring that your rental home is always ready to go back on the market.

Financial Reporting

New Concept Property Management provides financial reporting services so you can keep track of your financial standing. You'll always be able to evaluate your properties and their profitability, and make adjustments to your financial protocols as needed.


When a tenant no longer pays monthly rental fees or otherwise breaks your lease, it may be necessary to perform an eviction. New Concept can handle every step of the eviction process for you. Afterwards, we'll help you find a new tenant for your property.

Legal Guidance

When it comes to rental properties, it is important to follow local laws, ordinances, and guidelines. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing hefty fees and other consequences. We're happy to use our expertise to help you avoid HOA violations and legal issues.