Oro Valley Property Management

Let’s face it: Managing property is a full-time job. As a result, if you own any rental homes in Oro Valley, property management will require a lot of your time and energy. Or will it?

At New Concept Property Management, we understand how hard it is to run a rental. Our goal is to remove stress from the equation by providing you with great property management services. When you work with us, your rental property will be in good hands.

Why Do You Need a Property Manager?

Property managers handle many different tasks, from collecting rent to answering tenants’ questions. Don’t live in Oro Valley? Having a property manager nearby will ensure that emergency calls and other tenant needs get fast responses. Property managers are also helpful when you own more than one property. Above all, an experienced property manager can provide you with confidence that your homes (and your tenants) are being taken care of.

Our Property Management Services

  • Worried about keeping your homes safe? Our team will inspect your rental properties and make sure they are well-maintained.
  • We’ll also make sure your properties meet insurance, housing, and HOA regulations.
  • Our team will collect rent every month and also follow up on late payments.
  • Need to evict someone? We’ll provide you with the help you need for the process go smoothly.
  • Need a new renter? We’ll advertise your property for you. Furthermore, we’ll screen applications so you get responsible renters who will pay their rent on time.

About New Concept Property Management

When you need a property manager for your Oro Valley rental, New Concept Property Management should be your first choice. Our team of property experts can provide you with first-rate management services. To get started, or to get a free rental analysis, click over to our Contact page or call (520) 551-7247.

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