If you need to evict a tenant from a rental home, you may not be sure how to begin. You may not know what the correct procedure is, what the relevant laws are, or how long to give your tenant to vacate the premises. Fortunately, New Concept Property Management can help. We provide a full range of property management services, including evictions. If you’re in need of a property management company Marana landlords rely on to help you with an eviction in, call us today!

When Can a Tenant Be Evicted?

Eviction means that you are removing a tenant from your property before their lease is up. Generally, you will need a reason to do this, and in most cases, you need to give notice. For instance, if a tenant has failed to pay rent, you may give them five days to pay or be evicted. If they have violated their lease, you can provide 10 days to reverse their violation or face eviction. If a tenant has a month-to-month lease, you must give them 30 days’ notice to move out.

In some situations, however, you do not have to give notice. For instance, if a tenant has broken the law—such as committing homicide or engaging in drug trafficking—then you can terminate their lease and order them to leave immediately. If you’re unsure what to do in your situation, talk to your property manager.

Our Eviction Services

At New Concept Property Management, we can help ensure that the eviction process is as efficient and stress-free as possible. If you need to evict a tenant, we can review the situation and make sure that you’re in the right. Then, we can prepare and deliver a notice of eviction. Once the tenant has left the premises, we can change the locks and secure your property. We’ll also clean and inspect the home thoroughly, so that it will be ready for the next tenant. If there are any issues at any point during the eviction process, we can handle them on your behalf.

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When you need help managing your rental homes, you can always turn to the team at New Concept Property Management. From collecting rent to doing routine inspections, we’ll handle all the necessary tasks to care for your rental homes. Our team has extensive experience managing homes, so we’re fully equipped to provide you with the services you need. That's why we've become the property management company Marana, Vail, and Tucson landlords trust. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more about our property management services.

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