The AZ Eviction Process & How a Property Management Company Can Help

In an ideal world, every tenant would pay their rent in full and on time each month. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and sometimes even responsible tenants fall behind. All landlords in Arizona should be familiar with the state’s eviction laws and processes. However, it isn’t always necessary to deal with the eviction yourself. If you’d rather avoid this stressful and often emotional situation, you can turn to a company that offers property management in Tucson.

Identifying the Grounds for Eviction

One of the many benefits of hiring a company for property management in Tucson is that an experienced property manager can review your situation to ensure you have legal grounds for terminating the tenancy. The most common reason for evictions is failure to pay rent on time. Other legal grounds for tenancy termination include a different violation of the rental agreement, such as by lying about one’s employment on the rental application or by housing unauthorized guests in the rental unit.

Providing Eviction Notices and Filing Eviction Lawsuits

Once the property manager determines that the landlord has legal cause to terminate the tenancy, the next step is to deliver an eviction notice to the tenant. Arizona law provides for different types of notices:

  • Five-day notice to pay rent: The tenant must satisfy the arrears in full within five days.
  • Five-day notice to cure: Within five days, the tenant must perform maintenance or repairs on the unit to cure a situation that affects the health or safety of residents.
  • 10-day notice to cure: Within 10 days, the tenant must perform maintenance or repairs on the unit in order to fix a violation of the rental agreement.
  • Unconditional quit notice: The rental agreement is immediately terminated and the tenant must leave. This notice can only be used in certain situations, such as if the tenant has discharged a weapon on the premises, committed homicide, or sold or used illegal drugs.

The company that provides property management in Tucson can immediately file an eviction lawsuit in court after serving an unconditional quit notice. If a five-day or 10-day notice is served, the lawsuit can only be filed if the tenant does not fix the situation within the specified time period.

At New Concept Property Management, we provide a full continuum of services for property management in Tucson—from tenant screening to eviction proceedings. Our experienced property managers will handle the day-to-day details of your rental income, allowing you to enjoy a hands-off income stream. Call our office today at (520) 551-7247 to request more information about our services for property management in Tucson.