What Is Property Management?

property management

What is property management? This is a common question asked by both new and established landlords who are looking to streamline their business model and make their rental properties more profitable. The quick answer to the question, “What is property management?” is that it’s the management of a rental property by a third-party property manager.…

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The AZ Eviction Process & How a Property Management Company Can Help

Eviction Notice

In an ideal world, every tenant would pay their rent in full and on time each month. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and sometimes even responsible tenants fall behind. All landlords in Arizona should be familiar with the state’s eviction laws and processes. However, it isn’t always necessary to deal with the eviction yourself. If you’d…

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Find the Best Tenants with a Tucson Property Management Company

Tucson property management company handinng over house keys to new tenants

When you own rental property, you know that everything hinges on finding the right tenants. Good tenants care for your properties as if they were their own, pay rent on time, and are good neighbors to others in the community. They adhere to the terms of the lease and alert you to any property maintenance…

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Top Reasons to Invest in a Vail Rental Property

Vail, AZ rental properties

Are you interested in investing in a rental property in Vail, AZ? Whether you are already experienced in the Tucson rental market or are looking for your first rental property, Vail is an ideal location to consider. With beautiful landscapes, a growing community, and lots of renewed interest, Vail is one of the top suburbs…

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Why New Concept Is the Property Management Company Tucson Relies On

Tucson property mangement professional shaking hands with a client.

Chances are, you got into the rental property business because the idea of a passive stream of income appealed to you. However, after dealing with problematic tenants, late rent, and property repairs, you’ve probably realized it’s more work than it initially seemed. The solution is New Concept Property Management—Arizona’s leading property management company. We provide…

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4 Tips for Getting Your Property Rented Quickly

Rental home managed by a Vail property management company.

If you own homes in Vail, AZ, or the surrounding areas, renting them is a great way to boost your monthly income. At the same time, however, most people don’t want to spend months trying to find renters. So, how can you speed up the process? When you’re looking to rent a home, working with…

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5 Reasons to Hire a Vail Property Management Company

Keep your tenants happy with services from New Concept Property Management

Are you thinking of buying real estate in Vail? If so, you need to be as prepared as possible. Whether you already own a rental home or are looking to buy, a Vail property management company can help. So, why is a property manager so helpful? Read on to learn the answer. 1. A property…

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How To Inspect Your Rental Property In Tucson

Home Inspection Report

Rental inspections are just one of many duties a landlord is tasked with. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with boisterous tenants that leave you to worry about the condition of the property or great tenants who are as quiet and clean as can be. You’ll need to inspect the rental regardless. After all, it’s…

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